Health and safety

Manage boiler maintenance, fire maintenance, pat testing, and Legionella testing from an easy to use log.

Keep all your health and safety logs in one place by updating the digital log. You can enter all the pat tests, fire maintenance, boiler maintenance, and legionella dates in one easy to use log.

As a practice manager, you want to be able to access this information at all times, from anywhere. This has been made easy by GPDigital, simply login to your account and view all the logs in one place.

Room Management

Know exactly who is using which room and when. Easily manage all the workspaces.

As a practice manager, the last thing you want it to double book a room or spend hours each week trying to organise room bookings in your surgery. With the GPDigital Room Management tool, you can see exactly which room is booked and which are free. You can make new bookings, edit existing and cancel bookings as required. Send notification to relevant members of staff with a click of a button.

Simply add the floors in your surgery and then add all the rooms in on each floor. Now you are ready to book rooms and plan ahead. Other members of staff can see the rooms plan and each member of staff can see which room they are booked in to. It’s designed to make like easy for the surgery management and the staff working in the surgery.

Leave Management

Manage staff leaves from one visual digital calendar. Staff can request and manage their leaves.

The leave management tool is a completely digital system for management of staff leaves. It allows staff to view their leave allowance, request leaves and see who else is on leave on the leave calendar. The manager can view holiday requests from staff and action them.

Staff can view how else is on holiday and request holidays at an appropriate time. This means that their holiday request is more likely to be accepted. It also saves the surgery manager time as they don’t have to go back and forth with holiday bookings. The leave calendar is a user friendly way to view all the staff leaves and decide on leave allocations for future.

Contact Book

All your contacts in one place, search by name or view alphabetically.

The purpose of this digital tool is to help organise all your contacts, internal and external. You are able to create groups for contacts and then add individual contacts to a specific group. This allows you to organise contacts in a logical way.

This tool allows you to find contact details in a fast manner. Simply search by name or browse through group name. You can access these contact details from anywhere, just login to your account from any device and access your contact.

Task Calendar

Assign task to other members and see progress, set notifications and view comments.

As a practice manager or a responsible person, you are able to create a task and assign it to members of staff. You can write a description of the task and add a deadline. Also, you can attach documents to a task.

You can view the progress of a particular task. This gives you a visual representation of all the task on a task calendar. So the next time you need to organise a meeting, simply create a task, add the relevant members of staff, add location and short of description of the meeting. Everyone added to a task gets a notification of the newly created task.

Latest News Module

Easy to use latest news module to display surgery day to day news.

Friends and Family Test

We have developed a custom module that accommodates digital and paper forms and generates reports.

Meet your Friend and Family Test requirements with an easy to use digital tool. You can get the form filled by patients through your website and the replies are added automatically to your account. You can also accept paper forms and enter them into the system through an easy to use online form.

You can generate monthly reports of all the entered forms. The report gives you a breakdown of how many forms are filled in online and how many are paper based. Meeting your Friend and Family Test target has been made easy by this GPDigital tool. Save time and money with GPDigital.

Issue Reporter

Staff can report any issues to any issues to another member through the issue reporter system.

This tool is designed to make it easy for the staff to report any issues that are experiencing. This could be something to do with the property maintenance, stationery, IT systems or work related. The practice manager will get a notification of any new issue being reported.

As a practice manager, you will be able to view all report issues from your account. This tool is not only useful for prompt reporting of issues relating to work but could also be used a way for staff to raise concerns and whistleblowing method, something you are required to provide as an organisation.

Fridge temperature Log

Add all your fridges with description and location. Simply update fridge temperatures on daily basis.

As a practice manager, you are doing a number of tasks at the same time so sometimes you can find it difficult to keep a check on the essential tasks. The fridge temperature tool is designed to help you record and monitor fridge temperatures on regular basis.

It's very easy to use, simply add all your fridges and then record the daily temperatures. You are able to add notes when the temperature is out of range. You can login to your account and check that the fridge temperatures have been recorded from anywhere 24/7.

Medicine Bag

Manage doctor bags from a digital log. Keep a log of the content and expiry dates of each bag.

This tool is designed to ensure that the doctor bags are always checked and stocked appropriately. You simply add all the doctor bags in your surgery and then update the content of each bag with quantity and shortest expiry date.

You can make regular entries for each bag and monitor the content of each bag. Simply login into your account and you will be able to view the content of each bag from anywhere. You can assign the task of checking the bags to a member of staff and monitor that it's been carried out regularly from your account.